Sara was so so helpful!! She followed up with me multiple times and was always readily available to me after the initial consult. I’m so grateful for her help that allowed me to continue breastfeeding! Highly recommend her if you’re struggling!


Such a wonderful and amazing LC! Helped so much to have her help virtually during very uncertain times of having a newborn during COVID. She is so approachable and encouraging and gave some much needed advice and information beyond what was provided by the hospital LCs during our stay!


Sara is simply amazing. Her kindness will blow you away. She is so knowledgeable when it comes to all things breastfeeding and offers so much support to moms in what can be a difficult learning period for newborns. I was so lucky to have her help. Thank you so much!


I seriously cannot say enough good things about Eat Local! Without her I would not have been able to breastfeed both of my babies. She helped me after the birth of my daughter get a proper latch after a tongue tie and helped me get my milk production up after I got preeclampsia post birth. With my son, who was born at 32 weeks she helped me be able to produce enough milk to supplement him in the NICU. She helped get me a hospital grade pump and gave me so many helpful tips to help teach him how to latch and get my body to start producing enough milk before he was out of the hospital and able to nurse on me. I would recommend Eat Local to any mom who wants to breastfeed and needs kind, compassionate, and expert advice! Sara is the best and I’m forever grateful for her help!


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